The Simmons Family // Syracuse Family Photography

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of working with the Simmons Family. Becky and her husband Aaron were introduced to Sam and I from a mutual friend a few years ago - seems like ages now. Courtesy of the great Jack and Laura, we started a new friendship that has grown a lot in a little time. Soon after meeting Becky and Aaron, I had the chance to meet "Kath." She is a one of a kind country girl who raised an awesome daughter and slaughters chickens in a "killing kone." Kath swept me off my feet the minute we played flip cup together. I knew it was destiny (if you believe in such a thing).

Long story short, Kath and Chuck are married, they live in Constantia, Kath is a go-getter, Chuck is the man, Chuck builds race mowers and from the sounds of it can fix anything mechanical, Kath and Chuck have two kids (Becky and Alex), Alex is a geek like me but smarter, Becky married Aaron (who makes a mean pork butt) and I somehow got invited to take some family pictures. Oh and Wiltsy (spelling check?) is Chuck's Dad. I don't think he heard anything I said to him, but I think we're friends now - if he had a Facebook, I'd definitely send him a friend request.

There's more to this story, but let's leave some to the imagination folks. I can't reveal all their secrets. Enjoy the pictures!