Maria and Kristjan // A Doylestown PA and Syracuse NY Engagement

I had the extreme pleasure of shooting my dear friend Kristjan and Maria's engagement photos yesterday. That's right folks, this is the fastest turn around time for an engagement shoot yet.

I met Kristjan quite a few years back when he and his family moved to Syracuse from somewhere up in the Northern United States (Canada - That's why he spells his name funny.). His brother Stefan and I were best of friends through High School. Time and distance came between us and next thing you know, I am running into Kristjan in Atlanta Georgia. Let me tell you, this guy is a riot. He would like  you to believe that he is a laid back, quiet type, but I know quite the contrary. He's more like a big, funny, dramatic teddy bear that tells a killer story.

Now Maria, on the other hand, is a whole different story. I know Maria from my time spent over at NCAG. Last I checked she was 14 and running around - with my now step sister  Alex - giggling and talking about boys. Well, as it turns out, she's all grown up and getting married. Man, time flies. It was really a privilege to shoot these two yesterday and I look forward to their wedding in December. I'm sure I will see a lot of old faces that I haven't seen in ages (and some that I see frequently). Congratulations guys!