Laura and Dan // A Dark Horse and Franklin Square Engagement Session

On Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Laura and Dan for a brief engagement shoot before dan had to go to work. We met at the local watering hole where we (that's right, the clients and I) had our first date. The Dark Horse Tavern in Dewitt, NY made for a great engagement shoot back drop. I'm calling it an engagement session despite the fact that Dan and Laura already legally share the same last name. After five or six beers at The Dark Horse, we travelled down to Franklin Square in Syracuse, NY to grab a few more shots (pictures, duh!). We took a brisk walk on the hottest day of the weekend and ended up having a great time and getting some great pictures. Dan put Laura in a headlock, we laughed and joked (and then had a serious conversation about the struggle with poverty in America) about bums and drowning people and then I told Dan to keep his legs closed while posing for pictures in shorts. Just a little tip I picked up along the way.

We had a great time and we can attribute it all to the great Jack Beattie, who shamelessly promoted his good friend and talented Syracuse Wedding Photographer, Kegan Shattuck. Jack and Dan are BFF work buds (but I can't tell you where they work - client confidentiality).

Enjoy the pictures!

P.S. - We didn't really have five or six beers at the bar.