Amanda and Colleen // A Boldt Castle Engagement

A few months ago I received and email from an old friend asking me about my Wedding Photography business. I believe the email started with "As fate would have it...". Sure enough, Amanda hired me to shoot her wedding. We decided that Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay would be a great backdrop for an engagement session. After spending 12 hours trying to repair my wheel bearing on the truck, I headed north to the heart shaped island. We took a short trip (thanks to Uncle Sam Boat tours) across the river and were greeted with a few rules we weren't expecting. As it turns out, you can shoot and engagement session at Boldt Castle, but without reservations you can't shoot inside. We made the best of it and managed to sneak in the basement for a few awesome shots. We had a great time and did a heck of a lot of laughing (and sweating).

Without further adoo, here are the greatest pictures you've looked at all day!