My Name is Kegan Shattuck (in case you couldn’t figure that out by the name of my site). I am a full time Geek, part time mechanic, photographer, and outdoors-men. I spend most of my days glued to some piece of technology – cell phone, camera, iPad or PC (no not a Mac). I spend most of my evenings enjoying the company of the wonderful lady in my life, Sam and our new puppy.

My passion for photography started the senior year of high school…way back in 2002. I picked up my dad’s mid 70’s Pentax K1000 and the rest is history. Thanks to an awesome teacher (Mrs. Fuller), who had patience for my creativity (or lack there of), a photographer was born.

I then took a brief hiatus from the world  of photography. I dove deep into the process of joining the workforce and becoming an adult (Yikes!). It wasn’t until Sam bought me my first DSLR  that the passion was rekindled. Of course by that point I forgot all of the fundamentals of photography and spent the next 6 months shooting in “auto”.

One DSLR led to two, two led to more lenses and gear and that led me to an old friend. That’s where we’re at now. Capturing moments is my passion. As a matter of fact, when you hire me, you’ll probably hear me say “moment captured” about 100 times.

Kegan Shattuck Photography was started in January 2011. I specialize in family and event photography. We also do portraits and commercial shots too. I work very closely with Tom Harmon of Tom Harmon Photography (we have very creative names). Together we make the best Syracuse Wedding Photography team. And that’s a fact. So if you are looking for the best Wedding pictures ever, contact either of us and request the  Dynamic Duo Package. You can hire us individually, but it will only be half as fun.